From strengthening cooperation to achieving the global goals of UNAIDS


February 15, 2024

On February 14-15, representatives of state, international and non-governmental public organizations discussed topical issues of HIV prevention, diagnosis and treatment, expanding services, and strengthening information work in Almaty.


The organizer, KNCDIZ, held a dialogue platform to strengthen interaction and partnership between the public and non-governmental sectors.

The participants noted that today the coverage of preventive programs is (percent) :

- LUIN - 66

- MSM - 29.

The number of NGOs implementing the state social order has doubled.

 The indicators of the UNAIDS 95-95-95 strategy are fulfilled at the beginning of this year:

- 82 percent of PLHIV know their status,

- 88% of them use ART,

- 90% of them have suppressed viral load.

The participants discussed the possibilities of expanding preventive services based on NGOs, barriers to interaction between non-governmental organizations and key groups with prevention centers, and the contribution of NGOs to the popularization of pre-contact prevention. A special discussion was aroused by the topic of strengthening sustainable financing mechanisms for HIV programs within the framework of the allocation of a state social order.

The experience of two regional AIDS centers and NGOs demonstrated to the participants effective opportunities for cooperation in providing HIV prevention services to key population groups (REGS) :

- The Center for HIV Prevention in Astana with the public foundations "Human Health Institute", "Step into the future", " Life in spite"

- The AIDS Center of Kostanay region with the public associations "Path of Health - 1" and "MIGDAL".

What new testing approaches will help expand this process? Many participants received the answer to this question from presentations of the experience of state, international and non-governmental organizations :

- RSE at the National Research and Practical Center for Mental Health,

- ICAP at Columbia University,

- OF the Center for Scientific and Practical Initiatives.

One of the effective online tools to expand testing coverage has become a service for ordering self-testing tests, which was implemented by ICAP in cooperation with the AIDS Center in Almaty. Many other interesting and useful forms of work are being introduced.

New impulses of collaborations can provide:

- strategic partnership,

- social entrepreneurship,

- public private partnership,

  • Crowdfunding.


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