Services of the consultative and diagnostic department

Services of the consultative and diagnostic department

The consultative and diagnostic department of KSCDID provides services for the provision of diagnostic and therapeutic assistance to the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan with skin and venereal diseases.

Reception is conducted by candidates of medical sciences and doctors with the highest category — leading specialists of the republic.

Laboratory examinations:

  • Serological laboratory: passive hemagglutination reaction, immunofluorescence reaction, microreaction.
  • Immunological laboratory: ELISA, STI diagnostics, parasites.
  • Clinical laboratory: general blood analysis, general urine analysis, biochemistry, scraping for demodicosis, LE-cells histology.
  • Bacteriological laboratory: Tank sowing of culture with determination of sensitivity to antibiotics, examination for fungal diseases with determination of the genus of fungi.

Physiotherapy assistance:   

  • Phototherapy (Waltmann's cabin)
  • Ultrasound Therapy
  • Photochemistry therapy
  • Bioptron
  • Laser therapy
  • Electrophoresis