Future healthcare workers should know about HIV infection


February 19, 2024

In the Almaty region, every year the AIDS Center carries out preventive work on HIV infection among medical college students. In 2023, 9 medical colleges were involved in professional events, 1,245 students attended lectures, and received 4,047 information and educational materials.

Preventive work continues this year. In February 2024 alone, medical staff of the AIDS center of the Almaty region organized seminars in 3 large medical colleges, such as “Ayazhan-Karasai”, “Uzynagash Medical College” and “Nurzhardem”, more than 225 students were covered and 312 were distributed educational materials.

Specialists from the department of preventive work showed students videos about transmission routes and measures to protect against HIV infection, and also gave examples of nosocomial infections. Information was also provided on the epidemiological situation in the Almaty region for 2023.

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