HIV was not registered in the Almaty region among military personnel in 2023


February 6, 2024

In the Almaty region, the AIDS Center annually conducts preventive work on HIV infection among military personnel. In 2023, 32 military units of the Almaty region were covered with presentations and visual materials, more than 3,454 employees and contract soldiers were covered, 5,830 information and educational materials and 88 posters were distributed.

Preventive work continues in 2024; 670 military personnel have already been covered this year.

For example, on February 6, 2024, the AIDS Center of the Almaty Region organized an on-site seminar at the specialized military lyceum “Arystan”, which is located in the Talgar region.

Doctors from the department of preventive work showed the students videos providing information about HIV infection, and there were also real examples with life situations of people living with HIV. Information was provided on the epidemiological situation in the Almaty region for 2023. The routes and factors of transmission, and situations when HIV is not transmitted, were clearly demonstrated. 250 students were reached, 300 IOMs and 4 posters were distributed.






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