A HIV prevention event for parents of teenagers


February 1, 2024

Specialists from the North Kazakhstan AIDS Center took part in an all-parent meeting at the Petropavlovsk College of Arts.

On January 31, 2024, a general parent meeting with the participation of invited specialists was held at the complex “College of Arts - Specialized School - Boarding School for Children Gifted in Art named after Ermek Serkebaev.” Current topics “Prevention of gambling addiction”, “Prevention of HIV”, “Prevention of self-destructive behavior”, “The role of the father in raising children” were discussed at the event. Oksana Simukhina, a specialist in the department of organizational, methodological and preventive work of the Regional Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS, told parents of students about the problem of HIV and AIDS and ways to prevent infection among adolescents and young people.

“Talking to a child about HIV and AIDS is a difficult topic. Many parents put it off until later because they think that later the child will be able to find the answers to his questions himself. However, parents should remember that this conversation should take place before their daughter or son's first sexual experience. Even before the start of sexual activity, boys and girls should receive information about how HIV is transmitted and how to behave in order not to get sick, – says Oksana Simukhina. – In addition, it is important to warn the teenager about the harmful consequences that drug use entails. This can lead to HIV infection. It is necessary to tell teenagers only reliable and understandable information. Remember that in families with trusting relationships between parents and children, unwanted risks arise much less frequently.”

Parents were given booklets “How to talk to your child about HIV and AIDS.” About 50 people took part in the event.


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