Preventive work was carried out in the Balkhash district of the Almaty region


October 13, 2023

On October 12-13, 2023, specialists from the prevention department of the Almaty Regional AIDS Center carried out HIV prevention in the Balkhash region.

Epidemiologists, with the participation of district biology teachers, held a round table together with doctors from the Balkhash district hospital. At the round table, narcologists and gynecologists of the region gave information about the reproductive health of young people and discussed important issues.

The head of the prevention department L. Abdukarimova and epidemiologists T. Myrzagulova and N. Kasymov spoke about the epidemiological situation in the region and, using slides, explained the routes of transmission of HIV infection and preventive measures.

The specialists also met with students from the Bakanas Agricultural and Industrial College, the regional sports boarding school, secondary school No. 1 named after Zhambyl Zhabayev, the gymnasium school named after B. Beisekbaev, rural schools Birlik, Bakbakti, Akdala and held a number of seminars.

After watching the video “HIV and AIDS,” participants asked questions and filled out a questionnaire based on the knowledge gained.

More than a thousand teenagers and 58 teachers took part in the events.

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