Master class for doctors of the AIDS Center in Almaty


October 12, 2023

The staff of the Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS in Almaty learned a lot of interesting and useful information about how HIV science is being put into practice.

The master class on October 12 was conducted by Tara McCrimmon, MRN, MIA from the Department of Socio-Medical Sciences of the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University.

Tara McCrimmon noted that the science of implementation is aimed at ensuring that evidence-based practice has a positive impact on the health of the population. She spoke about the main stages of the research, the strategy, explained what is the difference between research on dissemination and implementation.

An important part of the master class was the demonstration of a concrete practical example from the field of HIV. The American scientist presented an analysis on the effectiveness of the implementation of an expanded and integrated package of HIV services in Kazakhstan for points of trust (BRIDGE program).
The program was implemented in three regions of the country, including Almaty, covering 24 points of trust.

The result of the program was an increase in the number of visitors to the points of trust, there were more new customers who wanted to do rapid HIV testing. Trainings and supervisions helped the staff of the points of trust to increase the efficiency of working with clients and strengthen the effect of trust in communication.

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