"Vitiligo: problems and prospects"


June 25, 2023

On June 25, the World Vitiligo Day, a round table "Vitiligo: problems and prospects" was held in the dermatovenereological dispensary of Turkestan region with the participation of specialists of the KNCDIZ.

The participants noted that dermatologists of Kazakhstan are doing a lot of work on the introduction of highly effective methods of treatment of vitiligo. And in Shymkent, for the first time in the country, various innovations were introduced: in 2010 - the first phototherapy installation, in 2015 - a surgical method.

The dermatovenereological dispensary of Turkestan region will soon celebrate its 100th anniversary. There is a lot of experience in the treatment of various diseases, including vitiligo.

- There is not a single disease in the treatment of which there would be such progress as vitiligo. Thanks to the fact that it was possible to attract the attention of scientists, doctors and insurance companies. Today we have a much better understanding of the origin of the disease. If even the mechanism of development was unclear before, now we understand individual varieties of the disease, we managed to form our own treatment approaches for each case," said international expert, Director General of the Vitiligo Research Foundation (USA), author of the international bestseller "Guide to Vitiligo" Jan Valle.

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