Training for rapid HIV testing in Pavlodar


March 16, 2023

The Pavlodar AIDS Center hosted a training session for medical workers on rapid HIV testing. M. Temirgalina, a physician-laborator at the AIDS Center, presented material on the requirements for rapid testing. The doctor noted that biosafety means taking measures to protect the health care worker and patient from infection, accidental contact with blood, or damage.

It is necessary to ensure quality control for compliance with the conditions of storage of consumables, rapid tests of the fourth generation, staff training, proper documentation, obtaining informed consent from the patient.

Emphasis was placed on the fact that the health care worker should treat specimens and materials he or she comes into contact with as infected material.

G. Ogarkova, a senior lab technician at the center, demonstrated the procedure for drawing blood from a finger. She drew colleagues' attention to the correct reading of rapid test results. The algorithm, in which cases the test is considered positive, in which cases it is negative, and in which cases it is invalid, the training participants saw a practical example of using the rapid test.

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