March 6, 2023

Zhanna Serikbolovna ushurbakieva is a medical associate who is constantly studying and improving her professional skills. The first educational institution, which was named after the Aktyubinsky Medical College. In 2021, Zhanna Serikbolovna successfully completed the course in the highest Medical College in Almaty.

He worked in various medical organizations of Almaty, the senior and Main medical sister, part of all operations. But in 2018 Zhanna Rezko added her speci Alty profile. He has to be the senior medical staff of the Kazakh Scientific Center for Dermatology and Infectious Diseases. Dermatology is a new page in the biography of Zhanna Serikbolovna, which includes her knowledge and knowledge and achievements.

Under the leadership of 7 nurses and 8 paramedics. The organization is responsible for their work and control. And the main thing is to create all the health of patients. Zhanna Serikbolovna believes that it is necessary to reform the sister business, expand the possibilities of activity, witch medical sister is a full – fledged participant in the process, directed to the rehabilitation of patients. Zhanna Serikbolovna believes that working in the COVID-19 epidemic period, as well as in cases and measures, but none of the medsester did not leave, everything worked smoothly. The team of professionals, he believes, is all about plechu.

For professionalism in the Medical Service Zhanna Serikbolovna was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2019, and in 2020 the candidate of Medical Sciences for his contribution to health, thanks to the people and the award of the MZ RK "excellence in healthcare".

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