A seminar for medical workers was held in Uralsk


February 23, 2023

On February 23, 2023, specialists of the AIDS Center of the West Kazakhstan region, according to the order of the head of the Health Department of the West Kazakhstan region, held a regional seminar for deputy directors, hospital epidemiologists, infectious diseases doctors of medical organizations of the region following the results of 2022.

The seminar provided information about the epidemiological situation of HIV infection in the region, summed up the results of the analysis of the report form of a laboratory test for HIV on epidemiological and clinical indicators for the Ministry of Defense.

The head of the Department of preventive work of the AIDS Center E. Hafizova introduced the analysis of emergency situations and post-contact prevention.

The issues of medical examination and analysis of neglected cases were outlined by the head of the department of medical and preventive work and medical examination Zh.  Nurusheva

The head of the diagnostic laboratory M. Dushmanova analyzed in detail the issues related to rapid testing for HIV infection (methodology, possible violations, equipment, quality control, etc.)

The specialists of the AIDS Center answered the questions of the seminar participants, summed up the results and made conclusions of joint work. The event covered 32 medical organizations.

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