Master class


February 23, 2023

Taubayeva Ainur Abimullayevna - head of the clinic of the CDC, coordinator of epidermolysis bullosa (BE) in the Republic of Kazakhstan spoke at a master class on surgical interventions for BE and congenital hand defects in children. 

The master class took place on February 23 at the Aksai University Clinic.


- Asfendiyarov KazNMU, Department of Pediatric Surgery,


- Association for the Care of Patients with Orphan Diseases, - Kobelek Balalar Charitable Foundation.

Among the speakers are researchers of the G.I. Turner Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution NIDOI (Russia):

Zavarukhin Vladimir Ivanovich and

Kuleshov Oleg Vladimirovich. And also

Kharamov Isamdun Kaudunovich – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Head of the pediatric orthopedic department of the University clinic "Aksai" KazNMU.

Listeners and participants of the master class: orthopedic traumatologists, anesthesiologists, resuscitators, dermatovenerologists.

Taubayeva shared information about the organization of assistance to butterfly children in the country.

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