Scientific and practical seminar


February 17, 2023

Topical issues of venereology were discussed on February 17 at a scientific and practical seminar at the KNCDIZ, within the framework of the Day of Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) by doctors, scientists, residents.

The participants noted that according to WHO data, more than one million STI infections are registered in the world every day. They can have serious consequences for the patient's health, in addition to the direct impact of the infection itself. Thus, STIs can become the main causes of inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, internal organs, adverse outcomes of pregnancy and infertility, stillbirth, newborn death, prematurity and birth defects.

In recent years, the STI situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan has a stable downward trend. Today, the process of approving the draft Standard for the organization of dermatovenerological care in accordance with the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 7, 2020 "On the health of the people and the healthcare system" is underway. The document establishes the rules, general principles and characteristics of the organization of dermatovenerological and medical care for patients with dermatological diseases and STIs at the PHC level, outpatient, inpatient and inpatient replacement levels.

Rysuly, President of the Kazakhstan Association of Medical Laboratory Diagnostics, Professor. A. Arinova, dermatovenerologist–podologist, dermatocosmetologist, lecturer of the Department of Postgraduate Education of the KNCDIZ, and A. Muratova, resident of the 2nd year of the KNCDIZ, told about the differential diagnosis of STIs in clinical practice about the state of diagnostic issues in venereology in the modern world and Kazakhstan. "Lesions of the mucous membranes in STIs" - the topic of the presentation, which was made by A. Idrisova is a dermatovenerologist, dermatocosmetologist, teacher of the Department of Postgraduate education of KNCDIZ" and G. Sarmyrza is a resident of the 2nd year of training of KNCDIZ.

The scientific discussions at the seminar focused on the topics of non-gonorrheal infections, trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis, genital herpes, mixed STIs.

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