A round table was held in Konaev


February 15, 2023

On February 15, 2023, in the assembly hall of the secondary school No. 2 of the city of Konaev, Almaty region, a round table was held with the participation of specialists from the Almaty Regional Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS and the Konaev city hospital.

     An event to prevent HIV infection among young people was organized for directors of general education schools and their deputies for educational work, as well as biology teachers.

Kalibekova K., a specialist of the Konaevsky city department of education, announced the opening of the round table, noted that the round table was organized by specialists from the regional AIDS center, that HIV infection is widespread among young people, and introduced the speakers.

  1. Baigabylova, a narcologist at the Konaevo city hospital, spoke first, emphasizing that there are more than 4 million smokers in the country, and a gynecologist S. Sinelnikova analyzed the consequences of early pregnancy in school-age girls. Psychologist N. Zhanuzakova analyzed the reasons why teenagers commit suicide.

Epidemiologist of the AIDS Prevention Department of the Almaty Region Center A. Sultanova reported on the epidemiological situation in the region and district and expressed concern that the number of people infected with HIV has been increasing in recent years.

The event was attended by 64 people.

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