The focus is on human rights and ethics


December 20, 2022

Training of medical staff of regional AIDS Centers on human rights and medical ethics in the context of HIV was held on December 20 in Almaty, at the KNCDIZ. 

The seminar was opened by Irina Petrenko, Deputy Director of KNCDIZ. She noted the relevance of the discussion of the topic and the importance of knowledge of human rights, ethical norms, deontology, political correctness for doctors working in the field of HIV infection.

Three speakers made presentations to the participants:

- Human Rights. R. Kipshakbayev, Human Rights Adviser, UNAIDS.

- Correct vocabulary in the topic of HIV. M. Maksimova, press secretary of the KNCDIZ.

- Stigma, self-stigma, discrimination. E. Herman, ECOM Coordinator for Capacity Building.

Concluding the seminar, moderator, National Coordinator of the GF on HIV Tatiana Davletgalieva noted:

- "Medical professionals need to remember that respect for the personality and autonomy of the patient is also a respectful attitude to his system of values, the peculiarities of his personality and to the life situation."

35 people took part in the offline seminar, more than 100 online.

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