Focus on prevention of gender and domestic violence


December 14, 2022

Prevention and response to gender-based and domestic violence among key populations was the subject of a training session held in Almaty on 13-14 December.

You can take part in the training offline and online.

The participants got acquainted with the current topics:

- Causes of gender stereotypes and violence.

- Legislative norms of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international obligations of the Republic of Kazakhstan in matters of gender-based violence.

- The impact of gender-based violence in the context of gender identity and ways of working with a transgender group.

- Peculiarities of work with key population groups.

- Consequences of gender-based violence: psychological, social. How do they affect the spread of HIV?

Together with trainers, including experienced NGO staff, participants learned the basics of creating services for survivors of gender-based violence and learned best practices.

Response protocol and additional measures taken by the police in case of gender/domestic violence - another session that raised many questions, to which the participants received detailed answers.

The training was held as part of a grant from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

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