Quiz for teenagers: What I know about HIV


December 3, 2022

On December 3, children, teenagers, their parents and guardians gathered at the Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS in Almaty. The occasion is an event in honor of World AIDS Day.

Teenagers living with HIV together with friends, activists, representatives of public and international organizations spent time with interest and benefit.

The event was organized by the public association Teenergizer.QZ in partnership with UNAIDS and the Representation of the UNICEF Children's Fund in Kazakhstan.

A rich program was waiting for the guys:

- a team quiz between parents and children;

 - thematic session about the Teenergizer movement;

- dialogue platform.

During the quiz, the teenagers were divided into two teams and competed in knowledge on the topic of HIV and AIDS. They did not look into the Internet, they operated with their own knowledge. The results were calculated by a computer program. The teenagers showed excellent knowledge, they correctly listed the ways of HIV transmission, ways of protection, and the differences between HIV and AIDS. All participants deservedly received prizes.

And, of course, the event is an occasion to meet and chat. Memories, friendly advice, hugs and joint plans. Thank you to all the participants for their warmth, caring and positive attitude!

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