The Doctor who gave life


June 28, 2022

Челлендж #РақметДәрігер

 When you feel bad and you feel that life is fading away, your hands involuntarily give up, at such moments you need support and quick decisions. I want to tell you about Dr. Nurusheva Zhansha Turganbekovna, the head of the treatment and prevention department of the Regional Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS in the West Kazakhstan region, thanks to whom I live.

I found out about my HIV-positive status 10 years ago, for five years I was registered in the AIDS Center of the West Kazakhstan Region, for some circumstances in 2016 I had to move to Russia, to Moscow. She did not remember about her illness, but three years later her health deteriorated sharply and became worse every day.

What to do, who to call in a strange city? The first thought is to Zhansha Turganbekovna. Fortunately for me, or God's providence, there is no other way to call it, at that time she was visiting her daughter in Moscow.

The next day we met. When she saw me, my condition, she commanded:

- Before it's too late, let's get a plane ticket, we'll fly together, she said confidently.

Upon arrival in Uralsk, I was immediately admitted to the hospital, where I was diagnosed with Pneumocystis pneumonia. While in the hospital, I always felt the care and attention of Zhansha Turganbekovna during treatment. She very carefully, professionally, competently selected my treatment, thanks to her care I live a full life, I am engaged in entrepreneurial activity.

I want to express my gratitude to her for her high professionalism, responsiveness and caring, especially in my difficult case, that being abroad Zhansha Turganbekovna did not leave me without attention.

Low bow to her! I want to wish her health and long life in the name of the well-being of patients.

 Katerina Savitskaya (first and last name changed at the request of the author).

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