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June 28, 2022

Челлендж #РахметДәрігер

   One of the patients is grateful to Irina AlexeevnaPerova, an Infectious Disease Physician of Clinical Care and Medical Examination Department of Kostanay AIDS Center, who is not just his Hospital Physician, but also a closed one in his difficult moments of life. The patient has been living with a HIV infection diagnosis for more than 5 years, and today is safely under antiretroviral therapy and has a stable immune system.

 «So, I would like to say a word of gratitude to Irina AlexeevnaPerova, a wonderful woman, an Infectious Disease Physician of Kostanay Regional AIDS Center.

I met her at the AIDS Center in 2017. When I was told my diagnosis, I did not want to live, my life broke into “BEFORE” and “AFTER” for me. But this woman made everything for me and I really roused to the challenge to live on, despite my status.

Irina Alexeevna is a very heartfelt woman. She explains how to live with this diagnosis, to take medications, test, to eat, and just to have a rest. She assured me that my life is not unlike the lives of other people. You can always call this one. She will calm down, and give advice.

I wish her good health, professional growth, positivity, and tolerance.

You are not just help people, you save this world. Keep the same great woman and a great Doctor, who will help more than one generation of patients».

 Nicolaeva Viktoria (Names have been changed)

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