We have overcome doubt and fear


June 28, 2022

Челлендж #РақметДәрігер

 I met pediatrician Gaini Dildabayevna Usenova from the AIDS Center in Almaty three years ago. Our son was diagnosed with HIV infection at the age of one.

 I remember then Gaini Dildabaevna had a very detailed conversation with us, explaining what kind of diagnosis it was. At the first moment, we were shocked, very upset, categorically disagreed with the diagnosis of our child. The doctor was very correct with us, seeing that we did not believe in the diagnosis, advised us to check.

We decided to go abroad to clarify the diagnosis. In South Korea, we underwent a full examination and confirmation of the diagnosis and treatment recommended by Gaini Dildabayeva. It was hard for us to believe that our child had received this virus and could die. But gradually, after repeated conversations with our pediatrician in a very calm, friendly atmosphere, we realized that HIV is not a sentence, that there is a treatment that is completely at the expense of the state. Our doctor patiently explained and explains to us the meaning of each laboratory analysis, each manipulation. She conducted a whole educational course with us – what drugs to give, how to organize child care, told us about proper nutrition and daily routine.

Of course, not immediately, but now my husband and I have accepted the status of our child and are trying to follow all the recommendations of our pediatrician Gaini Dildabayevna. Now we have a trusting relationship, we are confident in the success of the treatment, in the happy future of our child.

It seems to me that working as a pediatrician at the AIDS center is very difficult, it requires full dedication so that every parent, grandfather, grandmother, guardian feels the warmth and care of the doctor, treats him with full confidence.  Trust in the doctor is very important for parents. During the observation at the center, we invariably feel the support of the doctor in any matter concerning our child.

 The fear of losing him is almost gone. Of course it's not easy for us, but Gaini Dildabayevna's positive attitude gives hope that everything will be fine.

Zh. - mother of a child with HIV

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