My friend is my nurse


June 28, 2022

Челлендж #РақметДәрігер

 I have known Kenzheeva Akku, an assistant epidemiologist at the trust point of the Aktobe AIDS Center, since the moment when I was diagnosed with HIV infection.

 My life was filled with bright colors until the moment when I was diagnosed with HIV. It seemed to me that my life was over. On the first day after the announcement of the positive result, I felt so lonely that I could not tell anyone about it, even my relatives. Only bad thoughts were spinning in my head, I thought there was only one way out - to leave life.

But thanks to the high professionalism of the medical worker, and now my close friend, Akku, I felt like a living person again. Now that I have learned what HIV is and how to live with it, I have begun to appreciate every moment of my life! Akku had conversations with me, we talked a lot about the meaning and quality of life. I learned about HIV, transmission routes, and the benefits of antiretroviral therapy.

Thank you, my friend Akku, with your help I learned that the big problem of life is a test from which you can always come out victorious!

Arsen (Name changed at the request of the patient)

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