HIV is not a sentence!


June 28, 2022

Челлендж #РақметДәрігер


I have known Zhulumova Tabiga Dzhanabilovna, the head of the treatment and prevention department of the Aktobe AIDS Center since 2010, from the moment when I was diagnosed with HIV infection.

Then it seemed to me that the world had stopped and there was no way out. There is uncertainty and fear ahead. I started reading about this disease on the Internet. After learning that it was not curable, I became more and more depressed. It seemed to me that everyone around me knew that I was sick and this feeling did not give me peace.

When I was alone with myself, I looked in the mirror and felt disgusted with myself, I thought that was it, and I didn't have long to live.

Looking at my son, I was afraid that I would leave him at the moment when he needed me. I was in this state until the doctor convinced me that HIV infection is not as terrible as it seems to me. After talking with her, I had a desire to live and work. I started taking medications, thanks to which I realized that I could live for many, many more years. The black clouds parted, and I began to live and rejoice again!

Since then, 12 years have passed, I am married to the man who accepts me for who I am, my son has grown up, entered university! My life is filled with bright colors. I feel happy!

Thank you, dear doctor! Good luck, good health! We need you!

Oksana (Name changed at the request of the patient)

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