«Red Ribbon» - Our Common Undying Hope


May 18, 2021

Today was the opening of the installation "Red Ribbon" - a symbol of solidarity with HIV-infected people, which employees of AOC AIDS and representatives of the PF "Doverie Plus" dedicated to the World Day of Remembrance for those who died from AIDS.

In the courtyard of the Center, a quilt was deployed in support of those who are fighting AIDS and candles were lit at the Red Ribbon.

The action was opened with a welcoming speech by the Deputy Director for Preventive Work Bagdagul Sametovna Salibekova.

“We address with hope and warning to everyone who hears us,” the head of the Doverie Plus PF Roza Oleinikova and the Foundation's employees Anna and Alexander Batulin, Salavat Kopzhalelov addressed the participants.

The protesters honored the memory of those killed by AIDS with a minute of silence.


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