Meeting on HIV testing of pregnant women in Pavlodar


May 18, 2021

 A meeting on the prevention of vertical transmission of HIV infection from mother to child was held in Pavlodar within the framework of the order of the regional department of public health.

 The participants of the online meeting “Problematic issues of HIV testing of pregnant women” were the deputy heads of obstetric institutions, heads of antenatal clinics and specialists in charge of HIV issues in medical organizations of the region.

Assylkhanova, an epidemiologist of the AIDS Center, who spoke to the audience, analyzed the coverage of HIV testing among pregnant women and their sexual partners. Information was provided for the first quarter of this year. In her presentation, the specialist raised the issues of how best to plan testing, work with lists and monitor. They also discussed the difficulties in organizing work and analyzing HIV testing for pregnant women. Some issues were considered with specific examples.

The meeting ended with the adoption of decisions: to enter the test results into the exchange card of pregnant women on time, to ensure 100% coverage of their sexual partners. In order to control the discrepancy in the data on the timing of pregnancy, monthly check with the AIDS Center shall be provided.

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