The CCM has agreed on a draft application for funding the HIV GF


May 23, 2023

On May 23, at a meeting of the Country Coordinating Committee, a draft application for funding for the HIV component for 2024-2026 was approved in order to receive funding from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

The amount of the application is 7,442,991 US dollars. The draft document was developed by a working group of representatives of communities of all key population groups, non-governmental, state and international organizations, KNCDIZ of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with an international consultant. A country dialogue was also held with the participation of 96 representatives from 8 key population groups.

The participants noted that the application is fully aimed at key population groups, taking into account the epidemiological situation and the expansion of the HIV testing strategy. In the implementation of the new application, it is necessary to involve NGOs whose activities are aimed at providing services.

All components of the document are synchronized with the strategies and recommendations of WHO experts and UNAIDS.

The members of the CCM heard information on the status of the implementation of the program of maintenance therapy with opioid agonists.

Today there are 16 PTAO offices operating in Kazakhstan, 8 more are scheduled to open. There are 403 participants in the PTAO program for 15.04.2023.

The Roadmap for the development of the Mental Health Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2023-2024 has been approved. It is planned to update 6 orders of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and one clinical protocol.

The CCM approved the composition of the working group on monitoring by the community.

Community—based monitoring (CSM) is an intervention through which communities and service recipients collect data (systematic, localized, actionable evidence) to help managers and providers improve services, programs, and policies.

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