Football competitions were held in Almaty region


May 19, 2023

On May 19, 2023, a football competition among schoolchildren was held on the sports ground of the hospital in the village of Kargaly, Zhambyl district, Almaty region, dedicated to the International Day of Remembrance of those who died from AIDS.

The tournament, aimed at preventing HIV infection among young people, was organized by specialists from the Prevention Department of the Almaty Regional AIDS Center.

Epidemiologists A.Kenzhebekova and E.Nurmaganbetov familiarized rural youth who are fond of sports with HIV infection, its transmission routes and prevention measures. They also explained the purpose and meaning of the World Day, which is celebrated annually around the world on the third Sunday in May.

“You guys are great! Going in for sports and giving up bad habits is the best prevention against HIV and AIDS,” doctors praised the young athletes.

The tournament was attended by students of 10-11 grades of secondary school No. K. Absemetov, Kargaly secondary school No. 3 and lyceum No. 2.

The game of village children on the green field was very competitive and interesting. As a result, the team of Lyceum No. 2 won.

Three teams that took part in the tournament and shared three places among themselves received a special cup, and the best athletes were presented with the following nominations: "Best Player" - Asylbek Berdiniyazov, "Best Forward" - Bolat Adilet, "Best Goalkeeper" - Arsen Zhumabaev, "The best defender" - Zhanibek Uzakbaev, "The best midfielder" - Adaibek Kosherbai were awarded with a certificate of honor and valuable prizes.

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