March 6, 2023

Kasymbekova Sairankul Zhuzbaevna visited the city of Taraz. Kazakhstan Medical University in Almaty in 2003. Sayrankul Zhuzbaevna works in AIDS service in Kazakhstan since 2005. He started a labor biography in the Center for the prevention and Prevention of AIDS in the West Kazakhstan region, visited the doctor-epidemiologist, the most promising epidemiologist. Since 2011, the Republican Center for AIDS (the other KNCDIZ) has been engaged in clinical monitoring.

Sairankul Zhuzbayevna improves her knowledge and knowledge, passes professional internship. She is a master of Public Health, infectious disease specialist and health manager in the highest category. HIV is a serious infection and it is necessary to effectively treat patients, knowing about other diseases that occur. This is tuberculosis, hepatitis, oncology…

Kasymbekova S. Zh. is represented at various Republican and international conferences, organized by the UOS, CDC, UNAIDS and other relevant organizations. She participates in scientific research on the impact of HIV infection and the effectiveness of antiretroviral drugs. Last year, the number of drugs for HIV infection was determined.

Sairankul Zhuzbaevna believes that today in the medical care the patient's orientation is relevant. It is not necessary to provide services for people living with HIV to one way or another. This is not only the provision of antiretroviral therapy and the development of dynamic immunity, but also the diagnosis of hepatitis and many other diseases. This will improve access to services.

Sayrankul Zhuzbaevna was awarded the honorary title of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan "excellence in health care of the Republic of Kazakhstan" in 2017 , in 2020 – the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in 2021 - the G - the Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Pharm Control Committee), in 2022-award-winning award "for contribution to health care".


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