The results of joint work with the CPZ and points of trust were summed up


January 18, 2023

On January 18, the results of joint work in 2022 with doctors of the Center for Mental Health (CPH) and points of trust were summed up at the Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS in Almaty.

The doctors of the AIDS Center acquainted their colleagues with the HIV surveillance in Almaty. Positive trends are an increase in the coverage of rapid HIV testing compared to last year for people who inject drugs (LUIN) and men who have sex with men (MSM). A useful initiative was the transfer of rapid HIV tests, with the support of the ICAP project, to patients of the drug department of the CPZ.

At the meeting, the results of a study on epidemiological monitoring of HIV prevalence among PWID were presented. 319 people took part in it. The study showed a 0.4-fold decrease in the prevalence of HIV infection among LUIN compared to 2020.

Today, 19 trust points are operating in the city to increase HIV prevention among key population groups. 30 outreach employees are involved in working with LUIN. For them, the doctors of the AIDS Center regularly conduct trainings and seminars.

In 2022, 3,542 people were tested for HIV in the points of trust, about half a million condoms and more than 600 thousand syringes were distributed.

To improve the efficiency of work, medical staff adopted recommendations. Among them: to provide HIV screening for at least 95-100 percent of the coverage and 100 percent of the LUIN upon admission to the hospital of the Central Hospital. And also continue to work on sending clients to friendly offices through outreach workers and to narrow specialists for STI screening and consultations. This activity showed positive results last year. Training will be organized this year to improve the motivational counseling of medical workers of the narcological service.

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