Search for innovations in HIV testing


December 1, 2022

On November 30 - December 1, KNCDIZ employees took part in a workshop on HIV testing in Central Asia, which was held in Almaty.

The event was organized to review existing HIV testing strategies and approaches among key and other priority groups in Central Asia and to develop innovative ideas to improve the effectiveness of HIV testing approaches on PEPFAR-supported sites.

The participants got acquainted with the reviews:

-HIV testing coverage and progress towards achieving the first "95" by population groups, using multiple sources;

-Global HIV testing guidelines and best practices for reaching key and other groups in need, including self-testing practices;

-current recommendations and policies for self-testing in the region.

During the workshop, the best approaches of each country to HIV testing of key, priority and other populations in need were exchanged, including

 PREP and ART, as well as the best practices of each country on the involvement of key groups in HIV testing, including the dissemination of self-testing.

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