Accept, cannot be isolated


December 2, 2022

For the first time after the COVID-19 pandemic in Kokshetau, a traditional youth action was held by the Akmola Regional Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS.

On December 2, 2022, the final event dedicated to the World AIDS Campaign was held in the recreation center "Kokshetau".

Traditionally, an information corner was set up in the hall of the Palace of Culture, where everyone could get expert advice and information and educational material on HIV prevention. But, unlike in previous years, each participant could find out their HIV status using the express method.

Then all the participants were treated to a concert program with creative performances, useful information about HIV from the presenters, and the highlight of the event was a video message from a teenager living with an open HIV status.

The youth action was opened by the head doctor of the center Kurmanbek Burmaganov, who spoke about the slogan "Time for Equality" chosen by UNAIDS this year and thanked the youth for their interest and solidarity with such an important public date, wishing them good health, excellent studies and freedom from stereotypes associated with HIV infection.

In her address, Aida, the name of a teenager living with HIV, said: “Unfortunately, there are many fears and myths among people associated with HIV, which makes this disease one of the most stigmatized and discriminated against in the world. Although HIV infection has long ceased to be a fatal disease, but a completely controlled condition. As a member of the community, I speak openly about HIV and the challenges that people living with this virus face”.

Also at the action were awarded letters of thanks for active participation in the World AIDS Campaign, the head of the student clinic "Panacea" Asel Nurbekova, a teenager living with an open HIV status, Aida Muravyova, a correspondent for the news agency Oksana Matasova, Multidisciplinary College civil protection in Kokshetau and the Center for Children and Youth Creativity "Arman" in Shchuchinsk.

“On World AIDS Day, I want to draw the attention of all those present to the fact that people with HIV, they do not need isolation, discrimination and ridicule, all we need is understanding and support, but not isolation and condemnation” , - Aida concluded her video message with these words. According to the organizers of the final action, our goal was to inform young people about what HIV infection is, what are the ways of transmission and prevention measures, and most importantly, to show that people living with HIV - they are ordinary people who live among us.

We hope that in the near future the society will be more open and tolerant towards people “with a status”, where everyone can, without being afraid to speak openly that he has HIV.

But for this, society needs to correctly prioritize “accept, cannot be isolated”, and not vice versa.

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