Open Day


December 1, 2022

On December 1, on the World AIDS Day, the AIDS Center of Almaty invited Almaty residents to an OPEN DAY. 

In the morning, those who wished hurried to the address: Basenova Street 2, building 4. Medical workers and volunteers were waiting here. The visit for each Almaty resident turned out to be interesting and useful.

102 people were tested for HIV infection. There was an opportunity to take the test using the methods of IHLA / ELISA and express. In the second case, you can find out your HIV status within 20 minutes. Medical staff conducted pre-test counseling with all the tested and answered questions.

Mini-trainings were organized for those who want to learn how HIV is transmitted, how to protect themselves from the virus and why it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle. Doctors in a popular form told about the transmission routes and methods of protection against HIV. Useful informative information could be obtained from the videos that were broadcast in the Center.

Each participant of the Open Day received a booklet with useful information.

For people living with HIV, doctors were receiving on this day: a gynecologist, a pediatrician, an epidemiologist, a psychologist, as well as invited specialists: an oncologist, an oncologist and a hepatologist. 54 people were received by invited specialists.

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