November 21, 2022

This is the motto of the Global Campaign initiated by UNAIDS, which is dedicated to World AIDS Day. "Time for equality!" is a call to action. It encourages all of us to implement proven practical measures necessary to eliminate inequality and eradicate AIDS. Among them: 

  1. Increasing the availability, quality and expediency of services for the treatment, testing and prevention of HIV infection, so that everyone is provided with everything necessary.
  2. Reform laws, policies and procedures to combat stigmatization and discrimination of people living with HIV, as well as vulnerable and marginalized groups of the population, so that everyone is treated with respect and acceptance.
  3. Support the exchange of technologies to ensure equal access to the best scientific achievements in the field of HIV.

UNAIDS data on the implementation of global measures to combat HIV indicate that over the past two years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other global crises, progress in the fight against HIV has slowed down, the amount of resources has decreased, as a result of which millions of lives have been at risk.

We are only eight years away from achieving the 2030 goal of eradicating AIDS as a global health threat. Economic, social, cultural and legal inequalities must be eliminated as soon as possible. The victory over AIDS can only be achieved if we can tackle the inequalities that contribute to its spread.

(based on the materials of UNAIDS).

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