Ekibastuz residents participate in transformations


September 19, 2022

In the Ekibastuz branch of the Pavlodar Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS, medical workers decided to discuss in detail the Message of the President to the people of Kazakhstan in order to convey to the staff its main provisions.

An important focus of the initiatives of the Head of State is the establishment of the retirement age for women at the level of 61 years. For the huge number of women working in the health sector, this is the best news. The increase in the minimum wage, the transfer of part of the income of the National Fund to the accounts of Kazakhstani children - everything cannot but please parents.

The decision of the President to implement a national project aimed at the needs of rural residents, the construction of feldsher-obstetric stations in 650 villages, the transformation of 32 district hospitals into multidisciplinary institutions, the creation of hospitals at universities - all this will work to improve the quality of medical services, and ultimately - to improve the health of every citizen of the country.

Ekibastuz doctors decided that in order for their plans to come true, everyone should contribute to the transformation.

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