Training on the analysis of bio-behavioral research data


September 16, 2022

On September 14-16, CNDDIZ, in partnership with UNAIDS and ICAP, organized a training for employees of regional AIDS centers on the analysis of bio-behavioral research data among people who inject drugs (LUIN) in the RDS Analyst computer program.

The participants arrived with laptops and spent all three days improving their skills based on the recommendations of the trainers.

They studied the methodology of RDS, the features of data collection when sampling RDS.

How is the database imported for analysis, how is RDS used for the recruitment process, what are the leading functions of RDS? The participants received detailed answers to these and other questions.

There were a lot of practical exercises at the training, which allowed us to consolidate the knowledge gained. Now the specialists of the regional AIDS centers know well how to get data in the sample, recode variables, fill in tables.

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