Obituary Shubarova Saule Tanasbaevna


August 19, 2021

We are sorry to inform you that on August 17, 2021, at the age of 67, a veteran of the AIDS laboratory service, Excellence worker in Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Shubarova Saule Tanasbaevna, passed away.


Saule Tanasbayevna began her career as a medical assistant in the Zhangalinsky region district hospital. From 1991 to 2020 she worked in the laboratory of the Mangystau Regional Center for AIDS Prevention and Control.

Saule Tanasbayevna made a great contribution to the AIDS laboratory service development, she was a highly qualified specialist, enjoyed well-deserved respect and authority among colleagues, always accumulated experience and knowledge, and she was a vivid example of a purposeful, optimistic and cheerful person for young people. Memory. We express our condolences to her family and friends.

We grieve over the passing of our colleague, Saule Tanasbaevna Shubarova.

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