Conference Call with Regions


April 5, 2021

Conference Call with Regions

On April 5, 2021, at a conference call with regional AIDS Centers, participants got acquainted with the Global AIDS Reporting at the country level and the UNAIDS 2025 goals.

The staff of the regional AIDS Prevention and Control Centers learned the latest information from the staff of the UNAIDS subregional office in Central Asia G. Ionashka and A. Bokazhanova.

The speakers said that a High-Level Meeting on HIV / AIDS will be held within the framework of the UN General Assembly in New York on June 8-10, 2021. The resulting outcome document of the meeting is expected to be a concise and action-oriented declaration that will be agreed by Member States to achieve the commitment to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030.Another important issue of the event is the UNAIDS 2025 AIDS target. Targets 95-95-95 for testing and treatment should be achieved in all subpopulations and age groups.95% of women of reproductive age are satisfied with their needs for HIV and sexual and reproductive health services. 95% of pregnant and lactating women living with HIV have viral suppression. 95% of children born to mothers with HIV have been tested by 2025. 

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