Discussion of HIV problems by doctors in the region


April 6, 2021

Discussion of HIV problems by doctors in the region


At ZOOM platform of the Pavlodar Center for AIDS Prevention and Control, doctors of medical organizations of the region discussed current problems of HIV infection:working with key population groups, the situation of sexually transmitted infections, highly contagious skin diseases.

As part of the National Program «Protect yourself from tuberculosis!", the phthisiologist of the AIDS Center E.Golovchenko, speaking about tuberculosis in people living with HIV, focused the participants ' attention on the diagnosis. The main symptoms are cough, fever, weight loss, sweating.The doctor of the regional TB dispensary supplemented the informationpresented by the colleague: it is necessary to inform people who are in close contact with the patient about the disease, to convince them to consult a doctor for an examination.

The seminar participants also discussed the issue of stigma and discrimination. According to the data, more than a half of people living with HIV have experienced stigma, and a third have experienced at least one type of discrimination. All this is a violation of human rights, which is unacceptable in the twenty-first century.

The seminar was attended by 25 doctors.

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