Doctor of the AIDS Center-about the treatment of HIV infection.


April 6, 2021

Doctor of the AIDS Center-about the treatment of HIV infection.


In the next issue of the Pavlodar branch of the social  health insurance fund on the guaranteed amount of free medical care, the infectious disease specialist of the Pavlodar Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS, I. Levina, spoke about such a disease as HIV infection.

The doctor noted that medical care for HIV-infected patients is carried out within the statutory free medical assistance. For people living with HIV, there is an antiretroviral therapy-ART, which helps to significantly improve the quality of life.

In a live broadcast, the doctor of the AIDS center I. Levina listed the drugs that are free of charge, within the framework of the GOBMP, are received by HIV-infected people. The doctor recalled that citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kandases [ethnic Kazakhs who permanently resided outside of Kazakhstan at the time of the acquisition of sovereignty by the Republic of Kazakhstan, and their children of Kazakh nationality], foreigners and stateless persons permanently and temporarily residing in the territory of Kazakhstan, who expressed a desire to undergo a voluntary medical examination for HIV infection, are examined anonymously and confidentially, and most importantly-free of charge.


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